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7 oral health concerns very common in Senior citizens

The 21st century has witnessed a wide range of ups and downs in terms of Health. Among all, Oral health has been a major area of concern amongst the widest of age groups. However, the old age groups tend to suffer a lot more from dental disorders such as falling of teeth, displacement, bleeding gums, soft tooth, periodontal disease and many more. So, it is recommended to hire the best dentist in SeaWood, Navi Mumbai such that all these problems can be easily sorted out.

Dry Mouth

It is known that our body should produce enough saliva in a day i.e. about a quarter and a half. The production of which aids in maintaining the right balance of our oral health and is helpful in breaking down the food we eat, beneficial in washing away harmful bacteria that breed in our mouth, bad breath issues, and prevention from tooth decay. So if you suffer from dry mouth, you might experience different problems such as discomfort in cavities as well as myriad problems.

Dry Mouth is also caused due to the overconsumption of medicines taken by aged people. On a general note, more than 90% of people above the age of 60 are on some kind of medication and hence Dry mouth becomes a common problem among the age group. Hormonal changes, infections, allergy, and blockage in nasal passages can cause dry mouth disorders.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is another common dental issue seniors struggle with. This issue often creates hesitation in facing social situations or gatherings. One must understand the fact that bad breath isn’t just an issue but an ailment that must be eliminated at the earliest to prevent acquiring periodical disease and dry mouth conditions.

Apart from all this, improper dental hygiene is another factor that gives rise to bad breath. It is needful to at least visit a dentist at least 2 times in a year to keep your teeth clean and hygienic. There are a lot of dentists available in Seawood, Navi Mumbai but the one that stands out is Dr. Vishwas Madaan.

He has rich experience in this field and he makes sure to leave a smile on the face of his every patient. If you are suffering from dentures then you should make sure that you are aware of cleaning them on a regular basis. Plague can be built upon the teeth as well as dentures, which potentially causes unpleasant breath.


One of the major reasons behind tooth issues is cavities that can develop on your teeth over the period of time. Excessive intake of high sugary substances in your diet is a major cause behind the development of unyielding cavities. It can be easily prevented if you limit down the consumption of foods and drinks that are rich in sugar. Besides this, makes sure that you brush your mouth every time you have a meal. Also, using a medicated mouthwash will protect your mouth from cavities.

Tooth Loss

Yet another commonly seen problem in regard to dental health is the loss of teeth. When calculated on an average basis, patients who are 65 years or older are more prone to teeth loss. About 18.9 teeth are found remaining in them. While on the other hand, over 27% of the seniors are left up with no teeth. Excessive smoking and improper dental hygiene are some of the causes of the understated dental issue.

So if you wish to have smiling teeth that are all healthy and fine, make it a point to visit a dentist regularly. In case you notice falling teeth, visit your doctor at the earliest who will help you with tooth implantation to preserve the ability to speak, eat and smile flawlessly.

Poor Dental Care

Some people are under the false impression that dentures aren’t as delicate compared to teeth. The fact is that dentures need a lot of care and regular treatment. You must inculcate the habit of cleaning them on a regular basis to abstain from dislocation and damage. Plague can easily get build up on the dentures and can be transferred on another tooth and could irritate your gums tissues and potentially cause gum disease and many another different kind of problems.

You should remove the dentures after every meal that you consume and you should wash them such that the food particles entangled in it are easily removed. Besides this, you should make a habit of brushing the dentures every evening and make sure that you place them in a clean solution in order to soak. Also, brushing of the teeth should be done with soft-bristled toothbrush to such that they are healthy and clean.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is perhaps one of the most common problems these days faced by different age group people. However, older people have a considerable chance of facing gum disease problem as compared to the younger ones. To avoid such gum infections, one must develop the habit of regularly brushing one’s teeth and keeping them healthy. Visit a dentist regularly before you develop gum disease that may lead to gingivitis and later into the periodontitis.

Tooth Discoloration

Even a slight discoloring or darkening of teeth can be an alarming sign of aging teeth. With Proper dental care, you can very well prevent it from occurring. To keep your teeth healthy and white, avoid the intake of soda, tobacco products, tea, and coffee. If you are not satisfied with the color of the teeth you can consult a dentist who can help you with some cosmetic services. Tooth whitening services can help you get the original color of the teeth that you always desired.

Final verdict

With the advancement of age, you need to keep heed to the potential risks that might occur if proper treatment is not meted out at the right time. Getting old might bring in some risk factors, but still, you can have a healthy and bright smile all day if you be in regular touch with a dentist clinic such as Ivory dental & Physiotherapy center.

We are sure that our experienced team of dentists can eventually help to keep your smile intact and perhaps keep your teeth bright and healthy at any given age. So, in case of an appointment, do get in touch with us.