I Want A Straighter Smile


Conventional metal braces and esthetically acceptable ceramic braces provided at all ages with effective treatment for the improper alignment of teeth. Metal brackets and wire placed with focused pressure on different parts of the tooth. This ensures tooth movement to the desired position. Regular appointments and flossing provide you to enjoy a confident and straighter smile.


Lingual Braces are invisible braces which offer you good cosmetic alternative to conventional metal braces. these are hidden on the back of the teeth which are custom made for each and every individual , according to the patient comfort and the orthodontist makes use of latest technology to bring out precise movement of teeth to the desired position.


Invisible clear aligners give you the solution for treating malalignment and mild crowding. these are advanced when compared to conventional braces provided with a sequence of removable trays to move the teeth to the desired position. This treatment relies on 3-D computer imaging technology and uses a series of aligners made of clear, almost invisible plastic trays that fit snugly over teeth. The Invisalign treatment plan includes a series of custom-made trays which will move the teeth from the initial position to the final position


Complete dentures are cost effective treatment option.Complete dentures support facial muscles and structures which improve aesthetics of the patient and improve self esteem. Properly fitted dentures help the patient in chewing and talking properly. Thus give increase self confidence which is achieved in our best dental clinic with sophisticated dental equipment and team.

What are the disadvantages of complete dentures?

Modern dentistry has eliminated many of the disadvantages commonly associated with denture. However there are some concerns patient must be aware of. They should be removed and cleaned regularly to avoid infection or diseases including bad breathe. Cheap or improperly fitted dentures may be uncomfortable and can move around in the mouth causing pain and chewing difficulties. Dentures need to be relined or rebased because of continuous bone resorption. Denture repairs are done in our best dental clinic by best technicians.

Certain instructions are given for the long life of dentures. The denture must be handled carefully to avoid accidental dropping while cleaning the dentures. Denture should be brushed using soft brush specifically designed for cleaning dentures. Avoid using hard bristled brush as it can damage or wear down dentures. Dentures should be washed with denture cleaner or mild dish wash liquid or hand soap. Abrasive tooth pastes should not be used. Dentures need to be kept moist when not being worn so they do not dry out or lose shape. They should not be put in hot water as it may distort the dentures.

Dental implants are the other alternative to complete dentures they are the best option for teeth replacement when there are no financial constraints. The implants are placed into the bone and crowns placed over it .They are far more aesthetic and patient can chew, bite or speak as with natural teeth. We at our best dental clinic provide best implants by best dental surgeons.