Dentures Treatment In Seawoods, Navi Mumbai

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Denture Care

A denture is a removable dental device used to compensate for missing teeth and surrounding dental tissues. It not only helps restore your teeth, but also aids in speech, renders a better facial form and function.

There are two types of dentures available currently:

  • Complete denture for toothless oral cavity
  • Partial denture for patients with few teeth in their mouth

There is another type called immediate denture which is worn immediately after tooth extraction.

Depending upon the patients’ needs the dentist fabricates dentures within a few days or weeks. After denture insertion and delivery what becomes more important is the denture care because that is what makes the denture last longer and function better.

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Insertion And Removal Of Dentures

Your Dentist or Prosthodontist will demonstrate how to put in and take out the denture.

The patient should try hands at putting them on and off to check the comfort and report any unease.

The patient should also ensure not to force the dentures in or out.

Your new denture may feel odd, even if you have worn dentures before. This is normal and happens because the mouth takes time to adapt.

Eating Habits While Using A Denture

Remember to eat only soft foods with your new denture for a few days (e.g., lightly cooked vegetables).

Chew slowly and take smaller bites. It is suggested that in case you have natural teeth, you should try to bite with them, and not the artificial ones. Also, try to chew on both sides at the same time.


Overnight Denture Care

You must remove your dentures before going to bed every night. This gives your mouth some time to rest and will help to stop you from grinding your teeth in sleep.

Clean the dentures well twice a day using liquid soap, a soft toothbrush or denture paste. Standard toothpaste is not recommended. Always clean your dentures over a container half-filled with water to prevent a slip and breakage. After cleaning, keep the dentures in a bowl of fresh cold water.


Do not forget to brush your gums, tongue, and remaining teeth every day. This stimulates circulation in dental tissues and helps remove plaque hence reducing any tissue inflammation.

It is strictly instructed not to use:

  • Hot water (it distorts the denture)
  • Laundry bleaches
  • Kitchen detergents
  • Abrasive antiseptics to clean your dentures.

Care should be taken to clean food debris and plaque from all denture surfaces daily. If any calculus or tartar build-up is seen on the denture, soak it in white vinegar (1 part) and water (4 parts). If the build-up is still not removed, call your dental clinic to get your denture repolished. If your denture breaks or is damaged, stop wearing it right away. Do not try to repair or modify it. Call your dentist for an appointment to fix it.

Dental plaque can cause denture soreness, bacterial infections, bad odour, and bone loss hence, it is crucial to keep dentures plaque-free.

Mouth Soreness

Your mouth may become a little sore under the new denture. If this happens, contact your dentist to get your denture adjusted.

If you have developed severe soreness, try removing the denture at intervals. In case you have an appointment or outdoor plans, do wear the denture a few hours prior so you are comfortable.

Remember, do not adjust, or try to repair the dentures.

  • Fit your dentures well so they are comfortable to chew food.
  • Make sure that your breath should smell fresh.

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Remember to clean your denture after every meal and visit your dentist in case you experience soreness or if the denture feels loose after wearing.