Braces Treatment In Seawoods, Navi Mumbai

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What Is A Braces Treatment?

There are dental conditions such as improperly aligned teeth, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth, protruding teeth, extra or missing teeth, misaligned jaws which require braces treatment, also known as orthodontic treatment.

Teeth alignment can be corrected by two methods-
  • A traditional treatment known as braces which are fixed on the teeth
  • Aligner which is removable appliance

Braces, work as holders for the wire. They are fixed onto the teeth and a wire is passed through them. Due to the movement of the wire, slowly and steadily the teeth are brought into alignment. The braces treatment will be monitored closely by your orthodontist every month. The orthodontist adjusts or changes the wire on the teeth during every visit. Depending on the initial problem, braces may need to be kept in place from six months to three years and missing your appointments may lead to a delay in overall treatment time.

After fixing the braces or during a change of the wire at monthly appointments, you might experience mild pain or a few ulcers. This is because your mouth needs some time to adjust to the braces. In about 2-3 days, your mouth would adjust to these new changes, and all the problems disappear.

After the braces treatment is completed, your orthodontist will give you a retainer appliance to hold your teeth in their new place. It is important to wear this simple removable appliance after the braces treatment, for the duration advised by your orthodontist.

The braces are a journey to your beautiful smile which are well worth your time because the changes are natural and long-lasting.


At Ivory Dental Clinic, we use various types of braces such as metal braces, ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces & lingual braces. Also, we are amongst the few dental clinics that have an option of invisible braces treatment in Nerul.

Advanced Cases Where Braces Are Used

Let us understand the different teeth formations and how these issues can be corrected with orthodontic treatments using braces.

Adult dentition is a stage where the primary teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth aiding in appearance, speech, and digestion. This phase might result in different conditions that can be corrected by braces.

  • These are haphazardly grown teeth that can lead to poor oral hygiene and can also lead to Dental Caries (Cavities).
  • An improper bite would affect chewing pattern and efficiency.
  • Crooked teeth can lead to periodontal problems like bleeding gums, halitosis (bad breath) and Tooth Mobility (premature movement and loss of teeth).
  • If the teeth formation is irregular, then it can also cause calculus deposits leading to yellow teeth.
  • Proclined Teeth (forwardly placed) can lead to a more convex profile and posteriorly displaced chin.
  • Open Bite is the spacing between teeth that can cause speech problems.

This is a stage marked by a combination of both temporary and permanent teeth. Wearing braces at this stage should ideally take care of conditions like –

  • Jaw growth disorders- can be corrected non-invasively which might otherwise require surgical correction at a later stage.
  • Treatment of crooked teeth.

When your upper front teeth overlap with an excess of 2mm over your lower front teeth, it is called an overbite.

It is a condition where your upper teeth lie towards the cheek side in comparison to your lower teeth. Crossbite is a condition in which the lower teeth overlap on the upper teeth.

When your upper teeth fail to overlap your lower teeth, the condition is called an open bite.

This is a condition in which the centre of your upper front teeth does not line up with the centre of your lower front teeth.

In certain situations, adult teeth do not show spaces between them. When there is a jaw- tooth size mismatch or a case of missing teeth, the unnatural spacing between teeth needs orthodontic correction using braces.

Crowding of teeth can cause many dental issues like cavities, food lodging, gum infections and poor aesthetics. This condition needs orthodontic treatment.

Due to improper jaw development, the lower or upper teeth can appear protruding forward and need to be corrected for aesthetics as well as for avoiding further dental issues.

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work In Small Jaw Size Or Dentition?

When there is a mismatch in jaw size and tooth size, e.g., when the jaw size is smaller and teeth size is bigger, the jaw is unable to accommodate all the teeth. This leads to the crookedness of teeth or teeth appearing out of the lips.

In such cases, to push the teeth back or to correct the overlapping of teeth, the dentists need to create spaces in the jaws to accommodate all the teeth. If the patient’s age is below 13 years, then there is a high chance that by using growth modifying appliances, we can create the necessary space by increasing the size of the jaws. It is like telling your child to hang on the bar or cycle more often to increase their height.

These appliances work by helping the jaws grow more proportionately and in proper alignment to fit in all the teeth properly. This is the reason why it is important to start the braces treatment at an early age because the jaw growth can be stimulated in the correct direction and fit in all the teeth naturally, without any trimming or removal.

If the child’s growth is completed when they seek treatment, and no more jaw growth can be achieved, then reducing the number of teeth or slightly trimming the teeth can be the best option to fit all the teeth in the jaw.

This is when we will suggest removing certain accessory teeth to create space in the jaws. By creating this space, the rest of the teeth are moved in this space, so that all teeth fit properly and align well. After the treatment is over, there will not remain any extra space in the jaws.

The Benefit Of Having Correct Teeth Alignment And Braces

Correct teeth alignment using braces can solve a lot of future issues including –

  • Proper chewing of food
  • Improvement of speech
  • Better dental hygiene
  • Reduced risk of cavities and gum diseases
  • Reduced grinding of teeth
  • Corrects protrusion of teeth
  • Improves smile for better confidence and self-esteem

Cost Of Braces

Brace’s treatment can dramatically change the way you look. The cost of braces treatment or orthodontic treatment in Ivory Dental Clinic, Seawoods Navi Mumbai depends on the severity of the problem and the selection of braces material.

Cost is a major factor in choosing the type of braces and treatment. The cost of braces differs from a case-to-case basis depending on the amount of work to be done as well as the different types of braces one might choose and the treatment plan.

Different Types Of Braces

Metal braces are the most commonly seen and used. Now we have smaller and compact braces as compared to earlier. These braces have wires running through them as well as a rubber band. These rubber bands tighten the wires, and the body heat moves the teeth quickly and less painfully. Metal braces can be adapted to patients of any age.

The metal self-ligating braces come with a shutter or lock system and do not require elastic rubber bands to tie the wire. They are therefore easy to clean. Metal self-ligating braces are more comfortable and smaller in size as compared to traditional braces. These braces are especially helpful in achieving an arch expansion as well as minimize the need for extraction.

These are advanced metallic braces and are at least 30% faster than traditional metallic braces.

Ceramic braces are like traditional metal braces, but they are tooth colour and therefore naturally blend with your teeth. Even the rubber bands are tooth coloured and make it less conspicuous. Ceramic braces are usually preferred by older teenagers and adults.

Ceramic braces come in 2 variants –

  • Basic Ceramic Braces
  • Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces

The lingual braces are heavy metal strips that are placed behind the teeth. The brackets are customised and prepared using 3D designing in CAD/CAM. The treatment is very aesthetic and less visible. However, during the treatment, the patient might experience slight speech difficulties.


Clear Aligners are made from medical grade plastic in the shape of trays that do not require any braces or wire. They are invisible, hence aesthetically taken care of and equally good for adults and children who want to go for orthodontic treatment. Aligners or transparent braces are comfortable and hygienic and also hide existing gaps.

You can call us to know more about the best orthodontic treatments in Nerul.

Do’s And Don’ts With Braces

  • Try to avoid sticky food
  • If you play a sport, make use of a mouthguard
  • Brush after every meal and do not leave any food on your braces
  • Visit your dentist for follow-up
  • Do not chew hard food and ice
  • Avoid biting your fingernails
  • Do not forget to floss
  • Restrict sugary and carbonated drinks

Faqs For Braces

The youngest age to have a braces treatment is 7 years. There is no upper limit for braces if you have good and strong teeth. There are different orthodontic treatments available for all ages. We provide dental treatment for kids in Seawoods.

Our orthodontist will ask to take different dental x-rays including –

  • Full mouth X-Ray
  • Lateral profile X-Ray for facial, dental, and skeletal evaluation.

After checking the x-rays and physically evaluating your teeth, the orthodontist will devise a treatment plan. The duration of treatment and cost will be explained in a detailed quotation.

Not all orthodontic treatments require teeth extraction. Teeth are extracted only when there is not much space in the jawline to move or align the teeth. Hence the teeth are extracted to make space. The orthodontist will completely evaluate your case and then suggest if the extraction is required or not.

Detailed orthodontic treatment is carried out in two phases-

  • The Active phase – where the actual treatment occurs
  • The Retention Phase – where the aligned teeth are retained in their position using retainers

Your orthodontist might use either fixed or removable appliances or a combination of both depending on a case-to-case basis. These appliances are used to refrain muscles, move the teeth, as well as enhance jaw growth. Myofunctional appliances are special appliances used in kids to direct jaw growth.

During your orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will also take care of any emergencies and special care required.

At Ivory Dental Clinic, we provide painless dentistry for kids in Seawoods.