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Most people fear visiting a dentist’s office for fear of the drilling machine. Dental care is not just about drilling, but preventive treatment and maintenance. Dentists are specialists who keep your teeth, gums, and oral cavity in the best of health. One such routine & preventive treatment is scaling or teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning or scaling can remove tartar and calculus that leads to dental cavities and gum diseases.

Sometimes there are stains and tartar on the teeth which are difficult to remove by simply brushing them and this is where you need professional help. One common sign that you need professional teeth cleaning is when your gums bleed while you brush your teeth. Ivory Dental Clinic offers teeth cleaning services in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. Our expert dentist will help you to get rid of stains and calculus deposits from your teeth at an affordable cost.

As this treatment cleans all around the roots of the teeth, our expert dentist at Ivory Dental Clinic may discuss the option of giving you a local anaesthetic, so that it does not feel too sensitive and uncomfortable.

If you are looking for teeth cleaning treatment in Seawoods then feel free to get in touch with us.

Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Your dentist might have instructed you on the teeth cleaning procedure regularly. The reason is, what we eat when mixed with saliva in our mouth leads to deposits of thin layers on the teeth. Over a period, the layers form incremental layers called tartar. This tartar when comes in contact with calcium ions in our saliva forms the calculus. Calculus is hard and brittle and does not easily dislodge with just brushing or flossing your teeth.

It is therefore important that you visit your dentist regularly to professionally remove the tartar and calculus. Let us see some reasons why you must get professional teeth cleaning done by a dentist.

  • Teeth cleaning reduces the PH level of your teeth and gums and therefore prevents the formation of cavities
  • Helps prevent bad breath
  • Cleans cavity-causing bacteria
  • Removes every possible deposit that is not visible while brushing and flossing or just inaccessible
  • Prevents gum diseases to keep the tooth firm

What is Scaling?

Scaling is also commonly referred to as teeth cleaning and the process involves the removal of dirt and stains from the tooth surface.

Scaling is an advised procedure by dentists to maintain the health of your teeth and overall mouth.

Plaque, stains, and tartar are common and can appear on anyone’s teeth and should be removed with professional scaling. Tartar and plaque might hide behind damaged teeth or root. Removing the layer of tartar and plaque will help the dentist in examining the health of your teeth. It is therefore recommended by the dentist to get the scaling procedure done at least once in six months so major tooth problems can be solved.

Many people have a myth that scaling might harm the tooth and weaken it. Dentists say that scaling is a very safe treatment and helps prevent major oral problems as well as decay. You should know here that the scaling instrument does not grind on the tooth and therefore does not cause any harm.

If you are looking for teeth scaling near Nerul, at Ivory Dental clinic, we have a team of highly trained dentists who can clean your teeth by reaching the most inaccessible area in your mouth and eliminate any lingering bacteria. Scaling prevents gum disease by preventing the bacteria to last longer on your teeth. You should not panic seeing bleeding after or during the scaling procedure as it is normal and shall immediately subside.

You might also find your teeth a bit shaky, this is because the hardcover of tartar or plaque is removed. It is a temporary phase of healing, and the teeth will be firm very soon.

If you are going for a scaling procedure, make sure to follow certain things before your dentist appointment.

  • Make sure you brush your teeth and rinse them with warm salt water before your appointment.
  • It is advisable to avoid smoking/eating paan/chewing tobacco or having alcohol before the treatment as it may react with local anaesthesia or other medications. The dentist might make use of local anaesthesia to make your treatment painless.
  • You should eat a proper meal before the appointment as post-procedure you might have difficulty with chewing because of anaesthesia.
  • You should inform the doctor’s team in advance in case you are allergic to anaesthesia or any drugs.
  • In case you are taking any medications for an illness, it should be conveyed to the doctor’s team in advance.

What Happens During Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

Teeth Cleaning is a routine procedure and not to be feared. Dentists use an instrument called a dental scaler which is a non-invasive treatment. If you are scared of the dental grill, be assured that the scaling procedure does not use a dental grill.

How does Teeth cleaning /scaling procedure take place?

The first thing a dentist does is a thorough check-up of your mouth. This is done to ascertain the nooks, corners and pockets where dirt can accumulate. This gives the dentist an idea of cleaning superficially or deeply.

The over deposit of calculus might also push the gums below and expose teeth roots, which too have tartar and calculus.

In such cases, a process called root planing is recommended by the dentist.

After the oral evaluation is done, the dentist will recommend the procedure required and the number of sittings. For removing tartar and plaque, the dentist would use an ultrasonic scaler to remove all the deposits around the teeth and gums. The fine tip of the scaler scrapes the deposits.

After cleaning the tartar and plaque, the dentist will apply a toothpaste that is coarse and will clean your teeth with the use of a motor-powered brush. There is a grinding noise during this procedure called polishing and it is done to remove the last traces of tartar.

The dentist will floss your teeth after polishing them to remove all the calculus and hard deposits in between the tooth gaps.

Post flossing, a round of rinsing with mouthwash will remove all remnant debris as well as make your mouth feel extremely refreshing and clean. The final step is the application of Fluoride gel on the surface of the teeth. Fluoride protects teeth from possible decays.


Some of the common doubts you might have about tooth cleaning-

Teeth cleaning or scaling is a one sitting procedure if done regularly. If in case you have problems and are irregular at teeth cleaning, it might take 2-4 sittings.

Ideally, dentists suggest teeth cleaning procedures to be taken at least twice a year. In the case where there is accumulated calculus, the dentist might suggest frequent sessions.

Skipping routine teeth cleaning sessions is quite common. But, skipping routine teeth cleaning session means letting your teeth accumulate on calculus and plaque, and that is a continuous process, if not paid attention to. The calculus being rough and hard attracts layers and layers of food debris to deposit on it, making it a breeding ground for cavities. The calculus might hurt the gums, and the gums move away exposing the root and resulting in gum diseases and teeth sensitivity.

The teeth cleaning process is a non-invasive one and not painful. In people with heavy calculus deposits, there are chances that the gums have receded, and the roots are exposed. Such cases might experience sensitivity at varying degrees especially, with the flows of water under pressure during gargling. This sensitivity recedes naturally with time and dentists also suggest using an anti-sensitivity toothpaste after the teeth cleaning procedure.

Teeth cleaning is a basic and routine procedure and quite easy on your pocket. One can easily opt for two cleaning schedules in a year considering the affordability.

Teeth cleaning is a routine procedure and hence recommended by all dentists. You will not find any side effects of this procedure. But, once the plaque and tartar are removed, you might feel your teeth edges rough. This is normal after scaling. Your tongue might take some time to adapt to the rough surface and this would resume to normal soon. You might also feel your teeth being extra sensitive which can be cured with anti-sensitivity toothpaste.
The other effects could be a gap between teeth, bleeding gums, soreness in gums and teeth mobility, and all this can be treated without difficulty.

If you are looking for teeth scaling near Nerul or teeth cleaning services in Seawoods, our Dental team at Ivory is well trained to address your routine procedures like dental cleaning to the most advanced dental procedures. You can visit our website for written and video testimonials of our patients at www.drvishwasmadan.com. We also welcome you to experience world-class dentistry at our multi-speciality Dental clinic in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.