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Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Removal in Seawood

Wisdom tooth pain is a common dental condition most of you might face, the ones who have wisdom teeth know the pain and discomfort around it.

If you are looking for wisdom tooth removal in Mumbai, you have reached the right place. This page will guide you on your wisdom tooth ailments like –

  • How much does wisdom tooth removal cost?
  • Is it a surgical or a non-surgical procedure?
  • Need more details about the procedure?

Tooth extraction in simple terms means tooth removal. It can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure, depending on the case.

Indications for tooth extraction can be:

  • Badly carious tooth
  • Recurrent infection or inflammation around the wisdom tooth
  • A tooth that cannot be saved using a filing/restoration or cannot be root canal treated
  • Root pieces of tooth

The wisdom tooth is placed at the end and therefore poses a challenge during removal. Most of the time, wisdom teeth are not well-formed or decay early due to their difficulty to reach.

The variance in fees for removal of wisdom tooth could be because of different aspects, like:

  • Difficulty of removal
  • The expertise of the dentist
  • The technology used to carry out the procedure
  • Materials used during the treatment
  • Sterilisation protocols followed

It is obvious you need the tooth to be removed because of the discomfort it is causing, and therefore you need the best treatment, but that calls for a consideration of costs as well. Wisdom teeth being difficulty aligned might sometimes require surgery to be removed and therefore the procedural charges would be higher if you needed extensive dental work.

Wisdom tooth removal is mostly indicated when it causes pain to the patient due to frequent infection or inflammation around the wisdom tooth. The procedure could be surgical or non-surgical which differs from case to case.

Indications for surgical wisdom tooth removal:

  • Horizontally angulated wisdom tooth
  • Cases involving bone cutting
  • Tooth deeply lodged in the bone
  • Inaccessibility of instruments
  • Gums covering the tooth

Indications for non-surgical wisdom tooth removal:

  • Vertically placed tooth
  • A short tooth with easy accessibility

The price range for each procedure varies depending on the difficulty of the case, the expertise of the dentist and the sterilization protocol followed. A simple non-surgical case would range from 1000₹-2000₹ and a difficult surgical procedure would cost around 5000₹-12000. at ivory dental seawood we provide the latest techniques, which include laser tooth removal technique for better post-op bleeding control and better healing of tissues, and we use a piezo surgical unit to remove the tooth in a painless manner.

The price range and estimates mentioned above are not meant to be taken as the final value, but an indication.

If you are looking for wisdom tooth removal in Seawoods, reach out for an appointment at our dental clinic in Seawoods, so we can give you an accurate estimate for your dental treatment. Our team believes in delivering affordable and high-quality dental care to our patients.