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Smile Makeover : How you can get that Bollywood smile?

Have you ever looked at your past photos and cringed about the fact that you have discoloured or dull teeth ? If, yes, then it is high time that you schedule an appointment with your dentist for teeth whitening procedure.

So, in this blog, we would cover how you can enhance your smile with teeth whitening procedure.

What is teeth whitening?

With the teeth whitening procedure, your teeth can get lightened and thereby it helps in removing discoloration and strains. Teeth whitening is one of the most sought out cosmetic dental procedures used these days as it helps to enhance the look of your teeth.

Also, you need to keep in mind that teeth whitening is not a one time procedure and therefore you would need to maintain it from time to time if you want to achieve a brighter colour for your teeth.

What are the things that strains the teeth?

A lot of items such as tea and coffee, tobacco, soy sauce and blueberries comes with chromogens which causes straining. Additionally, high acidic drinks and foods such as soda, citrus fruits, tomatoes and soda causes the tooth enamel to weaken and therefore it becomes more susceptible to staining.

In general, teeth enamel is quite hard but it has a protective shell which is quite vulnerable to demineralization. Furthermore, substances such as sugar and acid breaks down the tooth structure and thereby causes cavities, decay, discolorations and bad breath.

In addition, there are also certain prescription drugs that causes the staining of tooth. The aging process also plays a significant role in tooth straining. So, if you add up all these factors, then it can lead to yellow, dull and dingy smile.

Hence, it is important that you follow proper oral hygiene and regularly pay a visit to the dentist.

How is Teeth whitening procedure performed?

In general, there are two whitening procedures that are used. Vital whitening technique is used on the teeth that has live nerves whereas non-vital whitening is performed on teeth that has no live nerve present. Additionally, non-vital whitening is done on root-canal treatment.

Vital whitening

Vital tooth whitening makes use of a gel which is applied directly on the tooth surface. These type of gel have some kind of hydrogen peroxide present in it.

Non-Vital Whitening

Vital whitening is not applicable on a tooth that has root canal treatment. Therefore, non-vital whitening procedure is used. In this method, a whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and further a temporary filling is put over it.

Then, the tooth is left in the same situation for several days.

You can opt for this procedure once or it can be repeated until you get the desired shade of your tooth.

What is the follow up procedure?

If you notice that your gums have become sore or white, then it is recommended that you follow up with your dentist.

Also, you need to keep in mind that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution as the stains would come back again.

Besides this, if you intake a lot of staining foods or if you smoke a lot, then you will notice that whiteness is fading in only one month.

On the contrary, if you avoid these staining sources, then you may not need whitening treatment for 6-12 months.

So, make sure that you get in touch with your dentist to schedule a teeth whitening procedure. Also, ask your dentist about the whitening products that may work best for you.

What is the risk associated with teeth whitening procedure?

To be honest, teeth whitening procedure do not come with any kind of side effects. It is just that there are few patients who can become a bit sensitive for a short period of time. Besides this, some of the patients may also feel mild gum irritation.

Also, if you are women then you should avoid teeth whitening while you are pregnant. Since the procedure is cosmetic, therefore you should postponed it till your delivery.

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