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Everything you need to know about dental implant treatment

If you have a missing tooth or multiple teeth, then dental implant treatment is perfect solution for you as it is a long lasting and great alternative using which you can improve your self confidence as well as your smile.

A lot of patients think that dental implant treatment is quite painful and complex operation but the truth is that it is a very straightforward procedure having a lot of benefits associated with it.

With dental implants, you would feel that you have real teeth and you can normally eat or chew the food. Also, they don’t move around or cause bone damage.

So, in this blog, we would cover everything about dental implant procedure.

Let’s begin:-

Pre surgery procedure

The patients who opt for dental implant surgery usually have missing or damaged teeth due to periodontal disease or due to injury.

So, if you live in and around Navi Mumbai, then you can visit Dr. Vishwas Madan. Further, he would take an X-ray of your mouth to determine the missing teeth and the location in the jawbone where the implant would be done.

Also, he may make the models of your teeth to further perform the operation.


A lot of patients have the concern about the level of pain that they may feel after the dental implant surgery. But, the good news is that there are several options available that would insure you a pain-free and comfortable procedure such as oral sedation and local anaesthesia.

If you are taking the treatment to replace your damaged teeth, then the dentist would first extract the teeth that has been damaged. Also, in some of the patients bone graft is needed which ensures that there is enough space for the implant procedure.

For placing the implant, your dentist would cut the gum such that the bone is exposed.

Further, he/she would drill a hole in the bone such that the metal implant can be placed. The metal implant will act as a root for the artificial tooth.

After this , a process called osseointegration would take place in which jawbone is fused to the dental implant. For this procedure to take place, you may have to wait for few months and in the mean time you can use temporary denture for appearance.

Once the procedure of osseointegration is complete, your dentist would attach an abutment using a local anaesthesia. An abutment is basically a structure using which prosthetic tooth is connected to the implant.

Further, a temporary crown would be placed for few days and then a permanent crown would be made using your teeth model.

Post-surgery and care

Some of the patients after post-surgery do experience minor bleeding or pain for a span of time. Some of the other symptoms include swelling and bruising of gums. But all these symptoms are quite rare and easily tolerable.

After the treatment, it is recommended that you be on a soft food diet for 2-3 weeks. Besides this, your dentist would also provide you with pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets if any of these symptoms occurs.

Dental implant care is similar to the regular teeth. You would need to brush twice daily and wash your mouth after every time you consume food.

So, with proper care and maintenance your dental implants can last for a long time and even till the rest of your life.

Make sure that you visit your dentist regularly to prevent any kind of issue and to make sure that your dental implant is in good shape.

Final verdict

So, if you are thinking of taking dental implant treatment, then it is very important that you take consultation from a dentist that has rich experience and has specialization in this procedure.

This would ensure that you get safe and optimal result without any kind of discomfort or pain.

At Ivory dental and physiotherapy centre, Dr Vishwas Madan would take up your case and assess your present condition. Based upon that, he would perform dental implant surgery.

At the end, you would have a smile that you would be truly proud off. So, if you are looking to schedule a consultation with him, then you can reach out at +91 9702204996 or drop and email at info@drvishwasmadan.com.

Have a healthy life ahead !