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Fluoride the cavity fighter

You must have heard that fluoride treatments are good, and dentists recommend fluoride treatment. But are you aware why dentists recommend so?

If not, it is time you know how a fluoride treatment can benefit you in the long run.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to build strong teeth and prevents cavities or dental caries. It enhances the health of our teeth while fighting bacteria that cause harm to our dental tissues.

Patients at a higher risk of developing dental caries or cavities will find fluoride treatments beneficial. Cavities start to occur when bacteria build-up on our teeth and gums to form a sticky deposit of plaque. This accumulated plaque then produces an acid that erodes the dental tissues.

Though we take good care of our oral cavity by practising proper oral hygiene, getting a professional fluoride treatment has proven to be more beneficial, because it can act as a protective barrier on our teeth preventing unwanted dental problems.

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Fluoride helps in better absorption of calcium and phosphorus and inhibits bacterial growth thereby strengthening our tooth structure. Fluoride is especially advantageous to patients with poor oral health and a high risk of cavities. It reduces and even reverses the early stages of tooth decay. It integrates with the teeth and helps to rebuild damaged part of tooth enamel.

In short, fluoride helps in many ways to improve oral health. It has been proven that patients who get the recommended level of fluorides suffer significantly less from oral problems.

Fluoride treatment is a good alternative to prevent long and painful dental procedures, if you have been ignoring dental health. It also costs quite less than other treatment options.

Though we make sure that we get sufficient dietary supplements of nutrients for healthy teeth and gums, sometimes deficiencies may arise, leading to poor dental health. In such instances, getting a professional fluoride treatment done is advisable. It is easy, economical and gives faster results. Also, it is also important to only get the fluoride treatment done by certified, experienced dentists. Fluoride overdose poses a risk so should only be performed by expert hands.

Fluoride treatment is equally important for children and adults. Even when our adult teeth are healthy and strong, it is still crucial to have routine fluoride treatments. Fluoride is the best way to rebuild enamel already lost as well as to ensure you have strong and healthy teeth.

It happens that regular visits to the dentist are not a feasible option for many. An alternative method for these patients would be fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. These contain higher levels of fluoride than general sources. It helps make up for their dietary fluoride deficiency. The only concern should be to maintain the fluoride level below the daily maximum permissible limit.

Fluoride treatments may be recommended by the dentist every three, six or twelve months depending on the individual patient’s dental status.

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