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Gudi Padwa – A Happy New Year With A Big Smile

Gudi Padwa, also known as a harvest festival and is celebrated in India with great happiness. It is all about sharing the joy and welcoming the new era.

This festival is not only about flowers, but also about sweets and smiles. It is incomplete without sweet delicacies like “Puran poli, kheer, shrikhand, til laddo” and other special dishes.

It’s truly said that when you start your year with sweets, you will have a super sweet year ahead. But keeping in mind, one should also maintain oral hygiene during these days to avoid cavities and other dental problems by doing a few things which are listed below:

• Always brush your teeth after eating
• Rinse regularly
• Limit your intake of sugary food
• Get your dental check-up done on a regular basis

Taking care of oral hygiene can help you to maintain your appearance, smile, and quality of life. As a dentist, we are always here to help you with all your oral problems and conditions by providing the best treatment.

Once again, Happy New Year and have a sweet day ahead.