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How to maintain your oral hygiene to prevent dental problems?

Did you ever see people sporting healthy teeth right in their sixties and seventies? Well, not always can you credit their heredity genes for it, but there goes a lot of effort in maintaining the teeth well. Think about it, the desire to eat wanes as you age. It is because your teeth are not healthier enough to chew and digest, thus leading to digestive issues and a declining desire.

Dental hygiene and care start at home. To be able to maintain a good set of teeth is not much of an effort, but a regular practice. Let us understand how small, easy and regular steps can build a good habit in securing your teeth. Good teeth are not just about a good and confident smile, but a healthy body. Preventing oral issues can go a long way in keeping other ailments at bay.

We bring to you dental self-care in the easiest and recommended way. Know the right way of dental care and build a habit around it for clean and healthy teeth and gums. For more details visit the best dental clinic in Nerul.

Let us gets some routine habits reassessed –

The correct way of brushing?

Brushing at least two times a day, with the right equipment. Ensure the right method is used to brush the teeth inside and out in circular motion for a good two minutes.

The correct way of flossing?

Flossing is an important dental activity to reach difficult gaps and dislodging food where the brush does not reach. Flossing should be done after every meal or at least once a day.

Which toothpaste to use?

Fluoride toothpaste will top the list of the right toothpaste. Flavour, whitening, salt irrespective of all the ingredients and tastes, Flouride helps in curtailing tooth decay and hence recommended.

Which brush to use and when to change?

Soft bristle brushes are good for the health of your teeth and help gently remove food, debris or plaque. Choose a brush that has the right shape, size and comfortable for your mouth.

How to use an interdental brush?

Interdental brushes come handy for people with gaps in their teeth. An interdental brush is soft and should be used with care and not forced within the gaps. Ensure once the interdental brush is inserted between the gaps, to brush in a to and fro movement.

You should also ensure to take care of your tongue and use a tongue cleaner regularly.

Remember, your dental routine will keep most of your dental issues away. However, if you are facing any difficulties as stated below, you should immediately see your dentist.

  • Swollen, tender and red gums
  • Permanent teeth have gone loose
  • Sensitivity to hot and dry food
  • Bad breath that remains continuously
  • Bleeding gums

Do not neglect dental problems as they may fester with time. They would also lead to undue conditions that are irreversible and might be heavy on your pocket.

If you are looking for more information, visit our dental clinic in Nerul. We ensure to be the right choice for you with the varied dental practices we offer.