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How to use interdental brushes?

It is an undeniable fact that we try our best to take the utmost care of our oral hygiene. We brush our teeth twice a day, use a mouthwash once daily or even sometimes floss our teeth if needed, but is that enough?

Why do some people still experience a cavity in their tooth or dental caries even after so much care? Well, the reason is quite clear. The major root cause of oral health-related problems is the food debris or particles that get accumulated in between the teeth and cause bacterial proliferation. Food particles that get lodged in between teeth often go unnoticed, it continues to remain there for a long time till it produces a cavity on the tooth.

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So that is why interdental brushing becomes important.

Interdental brushes when used in conjunction with toothbrushes render better oral hygiene than just toothbrushing alone. You only need to look for an interdental brush that best suits your set of teeth and prevent the accumulation of food particles. This eventually not only prevents cavity formation, but reduces the risk of gum diseases.

Interdental brushes easily remove food particles and other bacterial products present in between teeth. It is recommended for people with limited hand and finger dexterity. It has proved to be beneficial in patients undergoing braces treatment as it is accessible to areas that are not cleaned by other methods.

There are different varieties of interdental brushes available and their usage depends on an individual case. Few patients may have wide spacing in between teeth, while some may have tight contacts. Your dental expert will advise you the right kind of interdental brush.

Interdental brushes can be classified into types of bristle sizes used and the wires used in them according to the size of gap present in between teeth. Some are specifically indicated for patients undergoing braces treatment.

How to use an interdental brush?

One just needs to insert the interdental brush gently in between teeth, move it back and forth removing the food debris without using much force. It also helps to remove tartar and plaque present interdentally. Interdental flossing has proved to be more advantageous than flossing alone. The reason being better cleaning of interdental surfaces in a shorter time.

Interdental brushing has proved to be beneficial in elderly patients, children and patients who are prone to infections due to bacteria in the mouth. Though it is expensive, interdental brushes can be reused several times. It just needs to be rinsed like a normal toothbrush.

Interdental brushing once a day or after food keeps your teeth and gums healthy. For beginners, practice interdental brushing for five minutes every day in front of a mirror using minimum force, eventually, it would become a natural activity. Don’t forget to clean your interdental brush with water after use. Discontinue using once the bristles wear and are out of shape.

What’s more crucial in maintaining oral hygiene free of any dental problems, is to use a combination of methods apart from just normal brushing to keep our oral cavity clean and in the pink of health.

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