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Save Your Precious SMILE And Play A Safe Holi

They say that the home with echoes of laughter and giggles is god’s abode. The smile of a kid appeals all the good fortune in life. You always try and make sure that your pumpkins never shed tears, and so do us, a painless process throughout the treatment is our way to protect the beautiful smiles of your little champs.

You care about each and every need regarding their health but when it comes to teeth you need to be more aware. The position and time of eruption of milk teeth serve as guide to the position and time of permanent ones and so the entire healthy dental life.

Kids teeth need to be taken care since the very moment when the milk teeth begun to erupt for keeping the check of their proper alignment. To achieve a well aligned smile throughout the life, you should see a dentist regularly twice a year. Kids generally have a phobia of going to a dentist for they are afraid of the pain during dental treatment. At ivory dental and physiotherapy centre we vanish out all such myth. Kids find a friendly aura the moment they enter the clinic. Our well trained staff members have a unique way to interact with kids which gives a sense of joy to the kid and they wish to meet again.

Doctors have come up with the smooth painless techniques specially designed for children. Advanced equipment and painless anaesthetic approach enables the comfort to the kid and the doctor as well. Parents leave satisfied after getting their kid a painless dental treatment.

We feel contented with our efforts upon solving all kinds of dental problems of our patients. Their happy smile motivates us to never let off of the efforts.