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Save Your Precious SMILE And Play A Safe Holi

Holi, the festival for which the word colourful itself fall livid to express its charm. The colors of Holi not only not only shade our body, they also manifest joys of our souls and create smiles.

On this Holi make sure you wear a beautiful one. Here are some tips to save your precious SMILE and play a safe Holi,

When a tooth is cracked?

Use a hygienic cloth or medicated cotton to clean the affected part and apply ice to prevent swelling and infection. To avoid further damage to other organs, lips tongue etc. handle carefully and visit a dentist immediately if bleeding continues.

When a tooth is knocked out?

Stay calm, and do not spit, scrub or apply any pressure on the affected area. Try to keep the tooth in its actual position, if it’s not possible then deep it in cold milk or hold it under the tongue.

Immediately rush to a dentist and Remember to carry the tooth with you.

If you wear removable appliances:

Avoid wearing a removable appliance like a denture, retainer etc. to prevent yourself from injuries breakage, loss or staining of the appliance. Unless you have a filling or done teeth whitening.

Mouthguard – A customised one will make your HOLI safe and prevent your teeth, and other organs of mouth from injuries and damages.

When you ingest colours?

Rinse thoroughly with a mouth wash or drinking water and gargle, and drink plenty of water, you may drink cold milk to avoid further symptoms. You may take painkillers and anti-allergic tablets if symptoms persist.