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The correct way of Brushing

Brushing your teeth right is keeping all the oral and other health issues at bay. Every morning’s teeth brushing ritual should also be adapted to night, after dinner. Brushing your teeth does not just keep your mouth free of odour but keeps your teeth healthy and clean.

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You might be in a habit to brush your teeth at least twice a day right from your childhood. But are you brushing your teeth right? Do you know how important it is to brush your teeth right?

Many times we end up brushing in the wrong way and damage our dental tissues. While several toothbrushing techniques are designed to achieve a specific result and you might not know of them. The natural make of your teeth, a specific tooth condition that needs to be nursed, might decide which brushing technique might help you. Depending on the individual cases, the technique of toothbrushing may have to be altered to achieve the maximum beneficial effect.

Take a step back and unlearn the basic method of tooth brushing that you know and learn something new and highly effective.

Here are a few of the important toothbrushing techniques:

For adults use vibrational method for brushing :

This is the most routinely used technique amongst most of the patients. It provides a good range of benefits for better oral hygiene.


Make sure you place the toothbrush bristles at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Cover at least 3 teeth at a time, move your brush in circular motions, repeat the strokes around 2 times and sweep the bristles from the gum lines towards the biting surface of the tooth.

In case of front teeth, Insert the brush vertically to clean the backside of your teeth.

The biting surface of teeth can be cleaned by firmly pressing the bristles against it and activating the bristles.

This method provides good gum stimulation, it is also quite effective in removing dental plaque and is easy to learn.

But remember to avoid overzealous brushing as it would injure your dental tissues.

For young children use circular motion of brushing

Circular brushing is highly recommended for young children, physically or emotionally handicapped individuals and patients with lack of dexterity.


The child is asked to make small circles on the teeth with the toothbrush ensuring that the teeth and gums are covered.

This method is easy to learn in a shorter time.

Maintaining a clean toothbrush is as important as the method of cleaning. Storing your toothbrushes in dry areas is a necessity since wet surfaces may allow bacterial growth. Toothbrushes should be kept in the open air with the head in an upright position with no contact with other brushes. Making conscious efforts at toothbrushing for at least two mins twice a day helps to provide maximal results with minimum or no damage to the gums and other dental tissues.

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