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Tips To Eat Right For Sparkling White Teeth

While we’ve been talking about how oral health is overall health in our previous blog, there’s certainly a direct connection with food. Food is one of the most crucial aspects of health and lifestyle. The more healthy food we eat, the longer life expectancy we have. While we gain a healthy life, the appearance of bright and shining teeth also makes us feel stronger and more confident. Isn’t it? So, here’s a quick read through on tips to eat right for sparkling white teeth.

To start with, let’s look at a few habits to be careful about when it comes to dental care. Teeth staining is a common problem and is caused due to certain habits and some strong coloured foods that we consume regularly over a period. Other issues that keep your teeth away from the shine they should have are nutrient deficiencies and chronic health conditions such as diabetes. Listed below are some habits to avoid.

  • Frequent snacking – Frequent snacking includes various unhealthy foods that contain sugars which can increase the risk of diabetes and tooth decay.
  • Irregular eating habits – Eating with a long gap, skipping meals and eating junk food can cause bad breath and gastric problems that are a direct cause for teeth discolouration.
  • Improper brushing – Brushing techniques and more importantly, brushing at least twice a day is an important factor to consider, to keep your teeth shining and healthy.
  • Limit sodas, alcohol and coffees as they can cause tooth decay and teeth staining.

Eating Right For Teeth To Shine Bright

Eating right is not about just having three meals a day. It’s about watching what you eat and also, the right way to eat. For example, chewing has great importance in the right way to eat. Here’s why.

When you don’t chew properly, the food doesn’t break down well to mix into the blood. This causes indigestion and further leads to problems such as bad breath. As a result, your teeth are not healthy, and many other health issues may crop up. Similarly, of all the important things to consider, what you eat also plays an important role in dental health. Here are 5 superfoods you must eat for strong and shining teeth.


  • Great source of water and fiber
  • Act as cleansing agents
  • Contains malic acid that boosts saliva production
  • Removes bacteria from the mouth
  • Fibre improves the gums health


  • Contains magnesium that helps build teeth enamel
  • Iron helps in polishing your teeth
  • Prevents stains and acid erosion


  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Phosphorus and protein prevent decaying


  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Phosphorus and protein prevent decaying


  • Chewing raw crunchy carrots stimulates saliva production
  • Neutralises the acids and enzymes in your mouth


  • Contains antioxidants that improves oral health
  • Ascorbic acid in strawberries provide a brightening effect
  • Polyphenols in strawberries inhibit bacterial growth