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What is a water flosser who should use it and how to use it?

Dental hygiene might come daunting to you. But the results are to be seen for the long- term. Today dental hygiene is not merely brushing your teeth or brushing right, but also includes other methods like flossing, mouthwash, interdental brushes etc. These methods have been highly advantageous to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Though methods like flossing do help in removing food particles from hard-to-reach areas, the floss string sometimes becomes messy, awkward and it is difficult to use correctly.

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There is now another way which is way easier than other conventional methods.

What is a Water flosser and why should one use it?

Water flossers are devices used as an effective alternative to traditional floss. It works on the mechanism of pressurised water that helps clean spaces in between the teeth and improves the health of dental tissues.

Water flossers can easily be adapted by –
  • Patients who find difficulty using traditional flossing.
  • Children and elderly people who struggle with flossing and need additional care.
  • Patients with special needs like the one’s undergoing braces treatment or one’s having ortho appliances, crowns and bridges.
  • Patients not compliant with dental floss.

If you’re already thinking of buying a dental flosser, here is an elaborate method of how it can be used.

  • Fill some lukewarm water into the device reservoir, warm water is preferred, as it can help patients with sensitivity.
  • Choose and insert the tip of your choice, adjust pressure and mode.
  • Beginning with the lowest pressure setting on the device, one has to lean over the sink and place the tip into their mouth.
  • The tip must be pointed directly parallel to the teeth. By keeping the tip parallel, one can protect the sensitive gum tissue as they clean.
  • While leaning over the sink, turn the device on and let the water flow in the mouth. Clean the top and bottom jaw thoroughly.
  • Once finished, turn the device off and remove the tip carefully.
  • The device cleanses your teeth and gums effectively without much effort. It is a much easier process and more effective than traditional floss.

One can also choose between two different modes – floss and massage mode. The massage mode massages and stimulates your gums to help in proper circulation and keep your gums healthy and strong. This has proved to be of great help to patients with braces, crowns, bridges, and more.

Water Flosser is also an effective way to remove plaque. It removes most of the plaque from areas inaccessible to brush or floss in just a few seconds. It helps to get rid of food particles from regions that are difficult to reach using a brush or traditional flossing. This renders your teeth and gums feeling incredibly clean and fresh.

Another added advantage is that the Water Flosser has a one-minute timer, 90 seconds of water capacity spray without needing to refill it, and a 360-degree tip rotation which makes it most superior at use.

It’s quite an effective way to floss and that now, there are no strings required!

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