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Which toothpaste to use?

Just by looking at the available options of toothpaste in the market, it might become a confusion as in which one to choose for our teeth. To choose the one that would best suit your teeth and prevent dental caries or the one that would whiten your teeth and avoid plaque formation.

Toothpaste is also called dentifrice derived from ‘dens’ meaning tooth and ‘fricare’ meaning to rub.

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Toothpaste in conjunction with tooth brushing helps in:

  • Minimizing plaque buildup
  • Anticaries action
  • Stains removal
  • Mouth freshener
  • Dentifrices are available in pastes, tooth powders and gels. So the most important ingredient to look for when choosing toothpaste is fluoride.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It dramatically drops the incidence of tooth decay and cavity formation. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars and starches that remain on your teeth after eating. Fluoride protects your teeth from the acid released during a bacterial attack on the tooth. It does this in two ways. First, fluoride makes your tooth enamel stronger and less likely to suffer from acid damage. Second, reverses the early stages of acid damage by remineralizing areas that are already in the stage of initial demineralization.

Anti-tartar Toothpaste

Everyone generally shows a layer of bacterial deposit on their teeth called plaque. If plaque isn’t removed promptly with proper oral hygiene, it converts into tartar. This hard-to-remove deposit can build up on your teeth and under your gums, ultimately leading to gum disease.

There are a variety of components used in toothpaste to help to get rid of the buildup of tartar on the teeth. Chemical compounds, including pyrophosphates and zinc citrate, are added to reduce plaque formation. Also, some tartar-control toothpaste contains an antibiotic called triclosan, which kills some of the bacteria in the mouth.

Desensitizing toothpaste

For people who have teeth that get easily sensitized– for instance, by hot or cold temperatures — there is toothpaste available that is made for such teeth. These toothpaste usually contain potassium nitrate or strontium chloride. These ingredients, which can take up to four weeks to offer relief, help tooth sensitivity by blocking pathways through the teeth that attach to nerves inside the teeth.

Toothpaste for kids

Flavoured toothpaste for kids containing less or no amount of fluoride with few abrasive agents has found to be of greater advantage in preventing dental disease. A pea-sized toothpaste is enough for use in case of children due to the danger of swallowing.

Whitening Toothpaste

To help people in search of pearly whites, many whitening kinds of toothpaste are now available for everyday use.

Whitening toothpaste does not typically bleach teeth. Instead, they contain abrasive particles or chemicals that efficiently polish the teeth or bind to stains and help remove them from the tooth surface. These toothpaste contain highly abrasive silica particles, hence not recommended for daily use.

So depending upon individual needs, one can choose their respective toothpaste. The major criteria during toothpaste selection should be the one containing ingredients like fluoride that prevent dental caries and triclosan, pyrophosphates that help in plaque control.

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