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Why is Dentistry Expensive?

Dental issues usually deepen due to negligence. An unattended and delayed issue can lead to a grave one, which in certain cases might not be reversible. People do not visit dentists unless in critical pain and discomfort because they want to save on the small bucks, which eventually turns to a costly treatment.

Dental care looks expensive for several reasons. Getting the most advanced treatment or using the best material to secure your teeth. Dental treatments are about effort and time. It is not just a treatment, but careful artistry and skill.

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Dentists demand heavy fees due to various reasons including huge investments and overheads.

Professional Qualifications

Dentists are professionally qualified like other specialties of doctors. While other doctors can work in hospitals, dentists majorly need to establish their private practice. They need to be abreast on all the latest technologies and procedures to be able to offer enhanced services in the competitive scenario. Dentists need to be trained from time to time to gain the latest skills expertise to be able to provide advanced solutions.

Latest Technology

Latest technological innovations can lead to better patient footfall but need higher investments. The latest equipment makes work enhanced and prolific. The latest technology also automates work and that to a larger extent facilitates servicing more patients. Other infrastructure investments include the lab as well as a surgery room. A dental chair is another mandatory investment that a dentist would require. Depending on the scale of the operations, it could be a minimum of one chair to a couple of chairs. Software that automates the entire system of the clinic is the need of the hour and could siphon additional investments.


Dental procedures cannot be done in a haste and need ample time. Therefore the dentist will be able to attend only to a few patients in a day. Thus, the skill and time needs to be balanced with the right fees.


A dentist has supporting staff who ensures the appointments are well managed as well the facility is well organised. Depending upon the standard of the clinic and its location, the salary of the staff has to be justified.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

A dentist clinic is the most sensitive place from where infections can spread, therefore there needs to be a high level of hygiene and sanitation as a default measure. Sterilising equipment and tools from time to time is a mandatory activity and requires time, effort and manpower.


Dental equipment is electronic and the entire unit consumes electricity. There are other bills and maintenance of equipment to be taken care of. Outdated equipment needs to be changed with the latest ones. Overheads are regularly occurring expenses that too need to be taken care of.


The consumables for the crowns, veneers and dentures need to be sourced in advance and that again depends on the quality of material sourced.

The cost of treatment varies according to individual condition and dental treatment are not always expensive.

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