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Why should you visit a dentist every six months?

Dental and oral hygiene plays a crucial role not only in bringing you a confident smile, but alarming you on any health issues that might erupt soon. Oral hygiene is a proactive measure towards a clean and healthy mouth. Not everyone is aware and informed about dental hygiene and the different aids that are available for it. Also, in the daily routine, you might miss out on your regular dental routine and elaborate tooth cleaning.

Our lifestyle and eating habits also act as triggers to our oral health. Staining of teeth because of smoking, drinking coffee or other beverages are the most common signs. Plaque and budding up caries can all be captured well in advance with small and regular monitoring.

A regular dental visit every six months is pursuit of clean and healthy teeth and gums. We are a dental clinic in seawoods.

To know what to expect from a regular dental check-up, read along to know the long-term benefits-

Prevents Plaque Formation

Regular cleaning and monitoring of teeth will help avoid any plaque formation, keeping your pearly whites clean and shining.

Early gum disease detection

Our gums are as important as our teeth and not paying attention to them could lead to gum diseases, swelling, pain, soreness, or even shaky teeth. A dentist can ascertain well in advance about any unhealthy condition building up in the gums and can treat it right then.

Tooth Decay

We only have these 32 natural pearls. Though technology has progressed, and artificial teeth are today doing the job of natural ones, it is all an expensive bargain. While you have your natural teeth intact, ensure you take care of caries and decay and work on preventing them beforehand. At times it is difficult to reverse the decay process and other methods need to be implanted. It is not just about money, but also living with the pain and discomfort. A step-in time would be, to visit a dentist regularly for checks.

Teeth staining & discolouration

Teeth staining and discolouration is a common issue today because of our lifestyle. Regular cleaning and polishing of teeth can help prevent staining and discolouration to a greater extent. If you are looking for teeth whitening at affordable prices in Navi Mumbai, you can book an appointment with us over a call.

Improving your smile

If you are in a process to enhance your smile or have already undergone a procedure, a regular check-up every six months will be a good way to maintain your smile.

What can be ascertained in your regular dental check-up?

  • Your dental history and any irregularities currently
  • Screening for oral cancer
  • Full mouth cleaning and polishing
  • Detailed checkup in case of dentures, invisalign, implants, dentures, or retainers.
  • X-ray for detailed diagnosis of teeth
  • Recommendations on dental hygiene and tools.

You might have the best set of tools to clean your teeth, you might practice brushing twice a day, you might even use the latest techniques to take care of your teeth, but make sure a regular dental checkup can help you ascertain a lot a thing from a professional dentist which you might not be able to determine yourself.

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